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What makes our courses different?

There are a number of online schools offering traditional English curriculum and qualifications.  Warwick Independent Schools virtual courses are significantly different, as they offer a ‘premium product’, re-creating online some of the best features of an English independent education, providing dynamic, future-proof, pre-university experiences.

Live contact-time

Warwick Independent Schools virtual courses are based predominantly on live contact-time, linking expert teachers and their students in real time.  Lessons involve live, creative connections between students and teachers, enabling dynamic participation and active learning across time-zones and cultural divides.

Academic events

A number of Warwick Independent Schools virtual courses include academic events led by visiting academics from top UK universities, stretching and inspiring students, developing their advanced study-skills, and helping them to make an informed choice of degree course.

Bespoke tutoring

Our students receive bespoke tutoring which supports their success.  This tutoring includes specialist guidance about university choices.

Connection to our Warwick Foundation schools

Our online students become members of one of England’s longest-established school communities, becoming life-long members of the Warwick alumni network, connecting them with successful Warwick students from across the world.

Educational values

Our teaching and learning embody distinctive educational values, all of which cultivate active learning for life.  Our educational values support the education of the whole person for success in a volatile future in which mind-set, values, resilience and adaptability will determine career progression.

Pastoral support

We give our students top-class pastoral support, so that they build up confidence in their abilities, and strengthen the emotional resources they will need to manage successfully their careers at university and beyond.

Why take online courses with an English independent school?

Warwick Independent Schools virtual provides dynamic and engaging online learning experiences which capitalise on the traditional strengths of an English independent education:

  • A culture of pursuing particular academic interests at school level through subject-specialism.  As the English school curriculum allows specialism in the final two years of high-school, through the A level curriculum, students are encouraged early to develop their academic interests and to play to their strengths, setting them up for further specialist study at university.  Warwick Independent Schools virtual courses derive much from this educational ethos, encouraging students to pursue their academic interests, to discover their strengths, and to think creatively within and beyond the curriculum.
  • A focus on independent learning in which students are encouraged to develop discernment in their independent research, and active reasoning skills in class discussion;
  • Teaching from highly qualified, accomplished and inspiring teachers;
  • Learning and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, so that creative thinking and other intellectual skills for life are cultivated in each lesson;
  • A pre-university experience overall, through which students are enabled to make a success of their university courses from day one at their chosen universities.